IP-address of the router


If you are reading this page, it means that you tried go to the Web-interface of your router or modem by and it does not work. We will understand what to do and how to get access wireless router's settings, or in other words, how to  access router for set up a home network?

What is

According to generally accepted rules, router has the first address in the subnet, ie was configured at majority of network devices, such as Zyxel, Linksys, Cisco, TP-Link, Upvel, Sagemcom, Asus.
D-Link and Netgear router are used another IP address and subnet by default  - But it meaning one in both cases - this is the address of router device in the home network.

Why I can't access router at

Problems of access router web interface - - may be due to various reasons. Let's look at each of them :

1. Check network activity of connection.

It may seems corny , but very often it cause of unavailability of the router is network cable, who was disconnected  from the router or network card. Check the integrity of the cable - he can be pinched somewhere or even damaged. Note: Be sure the LAN-cable was included in the router's LAN-port . If cable connected to router through WAN-port , you don't have assess to ( and router will not work correctly.

2. Check the network status indicator.

The next step is watching for indicators of physical connections on the network adapter and at the router. What is indicators? Typically is a green LED . If the network connection is active - indicator lights or blinks quickly in case of network activity  Take  the hands router and look at face. At power-up the router must necessarily have indicator lights Power - it means that the router is turned on. Next, look at the LAN- ports indicators on the front panel of the router  - they are usually simply labeled with numbers - 1, 2, 3, 4 . When you connect the patch cord into router LAN- port  - LED should light up.
If it's not light up  - try switching network cable to a nearby port. If the LED does not light on any port - you have a broken router and need to bring him in service center.

3 . Check the Windows network settings.

In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you must press key Win+W and type: Network and Sharing. In searching results find a shortcut Network and Sharing Center and click them. Here are right click at link Change adapter settings:

windows 8, как попасть, пароль,,,,,, admin, вход, http, password,,

Alternatively, you can press the key combination Win + R and Run the command  ncpa.cpl for opening Network Connections.

Choose a network connection, click on the right mouse button and select Properties menu item.

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Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on it twice by left mouse button.

windows 8, как попасть, пароль,,,,,, admin, вход, http, password,,

Or highlight and click the Properties button. In most cases the IP settings in automatic mode:

windows 8, как попасть, пароль,,,,,, admin, вход, http, password,,

This configuration is initially used to simplify connection between computer and network devices, such as router . Due this configuration, Windows 8 receives IP-address from DHCP-server (But only if the network has a DHCP-server ).

DHCP server does not work in every network, or can be turned off on your router. In this case, by default, for a network adapter are assigned IP-address from special  subnet - 169.254.X.X After this you can't go to the router settings by It forces you need to setup the IP-address manually. To do this, put a checkmark in the Use the following IP- address and set addresses as in the picture:

windows 8, как попасть, пароль,,,,,, admin, вход, http, password,,


In any case once duplicate again:

IP- address -

Mask -

Gateway -

Preferred DNS server -

Alternate DNS server -

Click the OK button for saving settings and try to go at ( .

How to know the password to login under admin?

Keep in mind that not all vendors use username and password admin / admin to access the router settings by On some models  for access settings can be used password administrator, 1234 , password, or just blank. Turn up the router. At device bottom side should be a sticker with IP- address, username and password:

windows input, how to get , password ,,,,,, admin, admin admin, http, password,,

In the example at the TP-link Router uses IP-address, and hostname tplinklogin.net username and password to log on - admin/admin.

If password is  no approached, you can't access to router at admin/admin, although login exactly right, and you have write it correctly, it is likely the reason is that when you configure the router password was replaced with the admin or administrator on what the other.